Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cookie Love

My youngest daughter is in college, and in the process of writing papers, completing projects and preparing for finals next week. Her head isn't hitting her pillow much at night. Instead, I'm likely to find her on the floor, asleep on a textbook, where she left off studying. Of course as moms do, I look for ways to help her get through this busy and stressful time. 

I can't study for her, can't write her papers, and sure can't create her PowerPoints! So what's a mom to do? My first instinct is to head to the kitchen and bake. From the time my children were young, chocolate chip cookies have been their favorite. And although I've tried many different recipes over the years, the good old Toll House recipe on the back of the chocolate chips bag reigns in our house. Years ago they were an after-school snack waiting at the end of the day. Now I make them whenever I think someone in my family might need a little lift.

I add my own little touches to the recipe. I always use unsalted butter and my favorite Nielson-Massey vanilla. I add an extra dash of salt and heap the brown sugar for more flavor. And because I don't like flat cookies, I add an extra 1/4 cup of flour.

It's going to be another week before Sarah is done with finals, so I'm stocked up on ingredients, and my faithful KitchenAid will be getting a workout.

Of course there are other ways to help her as she finishes the semester: words of encouragement, healthy meals,and rides to campus to save her some time. But sometimes there's just nothing like a chocolate chip cookie (or two, or three!) warm from the oven and a glass of cold milk to get you through the tough times.


Kim K. said...

You're a good mom. Chocolate chip cookies are definitely a way to beat some of that study stress. Your red ingredient containers are simply divine, by the way.

Kris said...

What a wonderful Mom you are! I was just this minute thinking of making chocolate chippers today!!!
: ) Kris

My Vintage Mending said...

Here here...I will be right over and with aprons in hand. Best of luck to her...smiles..Renee

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

What we mothers do to make things nice for our children. I bet your daughter was so grateful.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh those canisters of your are to die for and so are those cookies.

Mica said...

I want you for my Mama...Your the best....ang tigt for this wonderful ride. Hugs Mica

Shirley Hatfield said...

my Sascha is in the midst of finals as well. She's studying to be a crime scene investigator...it's pretty hard. I will take your motherly advice and make her some cookies. I have a neighbor who isn't crafty...but boy can she love you with cookies! Isn't it wonderful how each person has her own talents? Like Mica above...I want you for my Mama! Wish Sarah good luck from me! =D

vintage grey said...

You are such a sweet mom!! The cookies look delicious!! Love all your pretty vintage red canisters!! xo Heather

Amy Jo said...


I just loved this cute little post! The toll house recipe reigns supreme at our house too. My nieces always expect me to bake a fresh batch every time they come! I love that.... By the way love your dishes and kitchen ware.

Amy Jo

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

I think its so great you do this for your daughter, boy does she deserve it falling asleep right over her work!
What a greal girl she must be.
My mom did this too, with fudge.
Every time I smell fudge , or make it I feel so loved and happy.
Its a mom/daughter thing!

Mecky said...

Your cookies look wonderful. I don't like flat cookies either! I haven't made Toll House cookies in years. I will have to try your touches!

I remember when I was young, I would make cookies when Little House was on. My sister's boyfriend would always come and visit at that time!! (funny that I remembered that. Little House is on as i write this!)

camp and cottage living said...

The toll house recipe works best for me too.
You are such a thoughtful Mom. She'll look back on this time with fond memories!

Mimos da ClaralĂș! said...

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I saw your link on one of the blogs I follow and I decided to come here to meet her.
Your blog is beautiful, I loved it! So now I am his follower and would like that when you can and will, make a visit to my simple blog. I would be very honored and happy!
Nice to meet you.
Have a blessed day!

PS: Your cookies seem to be delicious!

Sandy said...

Thank you for the recipe! That white plate you show here, I have one, and my Aunt told me it was a wedding gift for my great grandmother, made during the Civil War! You might want to have yours checked out! Wonderful photo!

Perfectly Printed said...

What a lucky young lady! I just might have to get the Toll House receipe out and send some off to my youngest girl... she has 8 weeks left before graduation.
The cookies look yummy!!

Mrs. Sutton said...

What a wonderful Mother you are! I'm always in the kitchen baking when I get stressed or worried. My children are only 8 and 10, but your post brought a smile to my face. I can just imagine doing the same thing in 10 or so years time!

Crafted by Carly said...

Mmmmmmm! Milk & cookies!!! :-)

Little Susie Home Maker said...

What a good Momma you are! I know that your sweet kindness is sure to make her so happy! It is tough going through finals week. I think you just made it a little sweeter to get through!

Tammy's in Love said...

Hi Betsy! Shirley at Zetta's Aprons suggested that I contact you about a tag swap she and I are hosting. The theme is vintage cartoons. If you're interested would you email me? Hope to talk soon!



Ellie Rae said...

Just found your site from Pinterest. Love the red kitchen. I have just gotten my son through college, and it was so hard! So much work. What I helped him to do was organize himself (during student-teaching, when he had moved home) and do his typing for him. He was so exhausted he was ready to give up and get a D in the senior seminar course, but I said, no, we'll get an A -- and organized him and encouraged him to take it one step at a time and walked him through it and typed for him. That was all I could do, but it helped. He got the A. Hang in there.

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Hi Betsy, I see you haven't blogged in a while either. I think of you every time I see a little red hen book at an antique store. I hope you are well. I'm finally catching up with all my blog friends, and I thought of you right away. I hope you have a happy and healthy new year. If you get this and are somewhere else on line write me back and let me know, I'd love to catch up. I tried finding you but didn't see anything. Take care, Julie (from ric rac and polka dots)